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blonde-ish :icont3rezi:t3rezi 11 7 david is a b!tch he hurt me :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 oio boio :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 going to the Chris Stapleton consert :icont3rezi:t3rezi 2 1 pockygame :icont3rezi:t3rezi 1 3 Nut-stubber :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 me :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 1 crappy. :icont3rezi:t3rezi 4 1 becomeing insaine :icont3rezi:t3rezi 2 1 when karkats meet :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 aaaaaaah cal :icont3rezi:t3rezi 2 0 terezi put the swords down :icont3rezi:t3rezi 1 0 jadekat :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 xD :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 two cute :icont3rezi:t3rezi 0 0 8:00 a.m :icont3rezi:t3rezi 1 1


Space Goddess :icondoodlesketch9:DoodleSketch9 32 10 Don't Fret :iconcasentine:Casentine 234 9 Quiet :iconcasentine:Casentine 122 2 Little Rose :iconcasentine:Casentine 183 4 Tome :iconcasentine:Casentine 176 7 Secret Santa gift of the Makaras' :icondefeatedart:defeatedart 13 1 MY FAVOURITE TROLL EVER :iconzdazov:Zdazov 38 10 Thorns of Oglogoth :iconsermna-insidia:sermna-insidia 56 4 hey there my motherfuckin orange robed sister :iconsermna-insidia:sermna-insidia 94 8 Rose Lalonde :iconsermna-insidia:sermna-insidia 175 12 Cotton Candy :iconqueenofcunts:QueenOfCunts 99 13 Pink hair :iconsolvernia:Solvernia 163 11 Murkystuck (Terezi Pyrope) :iconjrmonthra:JrMonthra 21 6 Eridan Ampora Militarystuck :icontai-atari:Tai-atari 539 34
Grub Eridan x Reader
A violet grub lay sleeping in a human crib with a seahorse plush. Suddenly he burst awake and began crying.
“Did you have a nightmare?” you asked coming into the room. Little Eridan looked at you and continued bawling. A sigh escaped your lips. This grub had ended up on your doorstep the day before. There was a note attached to his forehead.
“Dear (Your name),
It Pains Me To Leave This Grub In Your Care. We Can’t Handle Him Right Now. I Do Hope You Can Forgive Us.
What you had assumed Karkat had somehow convinced Kanaya to give up on the newly wriggler. After one night you noticed why. He was overly clingy. Yes he was adorable but he seemed too desperate to be by your side.
Eridan was still crying ask you picked him up. “Please stop crying,” you pleaded. He kicked his tail up around your arm and sniffed. You picked up his plush and shook it in front of him. “Look at the toy,” he did. “Hiii, I’m your friend. Pleas
:iconravenluvssesshomaru:RavenluvsSesshomaru 198 7
Eridan's Lament
its kars fault - he wwas too stupid to lead - too stupid to live
its sols fault - he stole HER - wworthless yelloww bastard
its vvris's fault - she wwouldnt listen to me anymore
its fefs fault - she wwas mean to me
its all kars fault - he was in charge - he let this happen to me, to all of us
him and his freaky red blood
its evveryones fault
no one evver listens
no one understands
no one evver lovved me
i havve alwways been alone
noww to make it permanent
just do it.
S (so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so) many
Thoughts… Mistakes… Choices…
Feelings… Hopes… Fears…
Regrets… Consequences… Dreams…

He finally understood:
the game was every man for himself,
and no one spared a thought for the boy
with purple hair and angry golden eyes –
well, he didn't need them.
wwe are all so dumb - so wweak - so young –
and I alwways wwas the wweakest one
thats wwhy I have to find strength –
and join it.
:iconrogueofheart:RogueOfHeart 180 33




Also guys I want to do a challenge to raise money. Each day I complete you must donate at least a dollar to a charity or volenteer hours.
1. Helmet challenge.
Days of wareing a helmete all 24hr
2. Brush challenge.
Days without brushing hair
3. High five challenge
High five everyone i can
4. Cosplay
Days of cosplays
Days of pure puns galor fish or cat
6. Popsicle sticks
Each day i put another stick im my hair
7. Human shout out
I write your shout out on my arm. A new shout each day

You can suggest your own in the comments. And if you are participateing please post something to reassure your donation. I really want to help people. Other than that i enjoy the challenge
Hey guys i really want suggestions for art
It's addictive.
This mix of fear and joy. Nervous and happy. Terrified and safe.
He makes me feel like his deep seaded rage, his burning black pit of ominuss homicidal thoughs and fears. Blackening by the second; adding more and more bubbleing, boiling pain to the sticky pit of anger. It frightens me too know he has such thoughts and power, but then again I feel safe. I feel like in a time of need I could call out his name and he'd be there. I feel a suffocating battle in him. An imprisoned side he will never let out, but is slowly sratching his walls away, peeking through every now and then.

 I look into his deep dark brown eyes, they dazzle me in a way I cannot explain. They look into me. The scare me. They hide from me. They lie to me. Over and over, they lie "hes okay" they tell me "stop asking pleasw hes fine" they cry "i want to hurt. I am hurt" they whisper in me. Why do they tell me what should remain unherd. 

  His strong build teanses and relaxes. I feel adrenalin course through me as the air thickens to a smoke of murderous intentions. I stay still. I don't know what to do. I am weak compared to someone like him. My nightmares show me his unwanted side...

 I hate the word so I'm gonna use "like".
I like his happy side. I like his protective side. I like is impulsive side. I like his aggressive side. I like his strenght. I like his arau........i really like his dark side....
I'll never tell him this. It's to weird. He strikes me as a one night stand guy. I guess I'm saveing my self a heart break. I hope he never finds this.....

I cant get him out of my head. His lazy smile that says "motherfucker you can't hide shit from me" I melt to it and I think he knows that.

Am I just a child?

Liveing in a fantasy?

For him?



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