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Moirails (Homestuck OC's RP) by DracoScurra Moirails (Homestuck OC's RP) :icondracoscurra:DracoScurra 9 0
Go, Junk Warrior! Scrap Iron Rhymes!
40 days,
40 nights,
the same numbers you'd find in a bible,
but tell me this much:
is that time reliable?
There's no way that this time could feel as long as it were,
but regardless, least I had Wadsworth.
But no matter how many days will drain me away, I just wanted to say I'm back, could you give me the time of day?
3AM, same time as my name,
but if only I had some mulah or change,
to bring an old one back to life,
but hey, least I have one, right?
Unlike a few guys on the site,
with the intention of pissing off personalities such as mine.
I know they might think it kinda funny,
but when it's directed at me, it's far from endearing,
and sure they'll be laughing 'till they're a shade of Purp',
least until I snap and turn into the hulk.
But who knows, maybe that'll get them to piss off,
whenever they decide to try and piss me off.
Considering them, it likely won't work,
and somehow I'll look like the jerk,
when all they've done is constantly bug me,
with messages that make me wanna sna
:icon3amrapper:3AMRapper 4 5
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im writeing a kanaya one shot of sadstuck.
i've added an alternate ending that includes a bit of a ship, but does not draw away from the main point....IT IS SAD
I was watching the news today befor school; as I stood in my room listening to the TV, doing my hair, I herd one of many "Breaking News" alerts this morning. Though this one came with a greater sadness. 
At an Aranea Grande concert, a bomb went off, the kill count is up to twenty two. 
Witnesses recall the swarm of fans, mostly girls from young teen to teenage, in a panic hearing cries for fear of life. Even a cry saying,
"I just lost my mommy"
Okay so fuck my life.
I have terrible grades and now I'm being treated like a mutha fuckin special needs kid. I'm stuck in a class full of retards (some actually have mental disabilities)
My mom thinks that likeing the Insaine Clown Posse means I'm gonna start scratching my neck till it bleeds again so she clipped my nails. She thinks im going dark. Im just not agreeing with staying her fucking baby gir anymore. Cute pig-tails and kitty shirts can burn in hell
My dad and I, as well as the entirety of the WMRRA and OMRRA knew Kelly Johnson for her can do spirit in the Nov. Ultra light weight class. Kelly was only twenty four when she passed during a race. She collided with a wall and was killed instantly. Myself and my dad, number 7 hopes she felt no pain and is happy....
It's addictive.
This mix of fear and joy. Nervous and happy. Terrified and safe.
He makes me feel like his deep seaded rage, his burning black pit of ominuss homicidal thoughs and fears. Blackening by the second; adding more and more bubbleing, boiling pain to the sticky pit of anger. It frightens me too know he has such thoughts and power, but then again I feel safe. I feel like in a time of need I could call out his name and he'd be there. I feel a suffocating battle in him. An imprisoned side he will never let out, but is slowly sratching his walls away, peeking through every now and then.

 I look into his deep dark brown eyes, they dazzle me in a way I cannot explain. They look into me. The scare me. They hide from me. They lie to me. Over and over, they lie "hes okay" they tell me "stop asking pleasw hes fine" they cry "i want to hurt. I am hurt" they whisper in me. Why do they tell me what should remain unherd. 

  His strong build teanses and relaxes. I feel adrenalin course through me as the air thickens to a smoke of murderous intentions. I stay still. I don't know what to do. I am weak compared to someone like him. My nightmares show me his unwanted side...

 I hate the word so I'm gonna use "like".
I like his happy side. I like his protective side. I like is impulsive side. I like his aggressive side. I like his strenght. I like his arau........i really like his dark side....
I'll never tell him this. It's to weird. He strikes me as a one night stand guy. I guess I'm saveing my self a heart break. I hope he never finds this.....

I cant get him out of my head. His lazy smile that says "motherfucker you can't hide shit from me" I melt to it and I think he knows that.

Am I just a child?

Liveing in a fantasy?

For him?



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